Welcome to Windmill Farm!

Welcome to Windmill Hill Farm

Windmill Hill Farm began operation in 2000 and is owned and operated by Don and Carol Ragan. We’ve grown from a few hives to over 1300; that makes us a small commercial apiary. We manage over 40 bee yards which are hosted by our friends and neighbors throughout the county. We also process, package and sell all our own product. We produce honey and wax exclusively. We also rent our hives over the winter to pollinate the almonds in California.

Windmill Hill Farm produces only wildflower honey exclusively from the thumb of Michigan. Because Michigan has such a wide variety of nectar sources our honey has a flavorful full bodied taste that makes it a favorite as a table honey, for cooking and for mead & beer making. We sell no varietal honey since Manuka trees, orange trees, sage bushes etc. don’t grow in Michigan. We sell every size imaginable from 2 oz. bears to 5 gallon pails; see our Store for a complete selection.

We’re not only proud of the flavor of our honey but of our clean and natural processing environment. We’re a Michigan licensed honey house. Our honey is Kosher cetified (Rabbi Jason Miller, www.koshermichigan.com).  We use the minimum possible chemicals in the care of our bees; the honey has been tested for pesticide residue. Our honey is raw unfiltered and unpasteurized.

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